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  • Hotheads Hair Extensions Deep Clean Intensive Shampoo 32oz

Hotheads Hair Extensions Deep Clean Intensive Shampoo 32oz

  • Brand: HOTHEADS
  • Product Code: HHX180
  • UPC: 762879017144
  • $48.00

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    Among the healthiest natural ingredients on the planet, avocado oil is beneficial for hair nourishment and growth.
    Prevents hair from becoming too oily or too dry while acting as an excellent natural conditioner by trapping and locking in moisture.
    Restores natural pH while cleansing the hair and scalp. Protects hair strands from breaking and drying up.
    Removes build-up without stripping your hair or extensions of vital nutrients. Removes dirt, mineral deposits, and salt water residue.

Removes build up without stripping hair/extensions. For professional use only.

  • Gently cleanses hair and extensions.
  • Removes salt water residue, cholorine and mineral deposits
  • Flash lathering formula quickly foams for superior cleansing and removal of dirt and deposits.

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